Mesmerism and Hypnosis - Learn Mesmerism, HFT and other very effective hypnosis techniques

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MESMERISM - The most powerful and successful form of hypnosis

Learn the secrets of real hypnotic power - The "missing link" in modern hypnosis!

Learn Mesmerism and Hypnosis

Link to Mesmerism Master Course

Powerful Mesmerism and Hypnosis techniques rediscovered

Michael WERNER - Mesmerism Trainer
Dr. Michael Werner - Leader of the Hypno-Training Institute

Dr. phil. in psychology, certified hypnotist, hypnosis trainer, Mesmerist and Concentrateur

Founder of one of the leading hypnosis schools in Austria/ Europe, the home country of Mesmer and Freud and the birth place of hypnosis.

Presenter at Hypnothoughts Live 2017, 2018, 2022 and 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.

Rare known techniques from the Old World -

faster and better results

After 10 years of research all over the world, Dr. Michael Werner and his team say: "There is a missing link in hypnosis nowadays."

In former times hypnosis was a mainly nonverbal method. There are very powerful old techniques that are rarely known and we have rediscovered them.

In Italy, we have learned fast nonverbal hypnosis techniques, in Austria and Germany, we have followed the traces of Mesmer. In France, we have studied the work of the Marquis of Puysegur and his artificial somnambulism and the ideas of Abbé Faria.

And now, we know the ancient secrets of hypnosis and maybe soon you will know them too…

The combination of these old methods with modern techniques will be a "supercharger" for your hypnosis work.


Learn the most powerful and successful form of hypnosis

reach deeper trance states

get better and faster results

learn the ancient secrets of "real" hypnosis

learn the techniques of the Mesmerists

instant healing and change

more success = more clients = more profit

can also be used as a stand-alone method

become a better hypnotist (a "hypnosis rockstar")

Master Course Mesmerism and Hypnosis
What you will learn in the online master course:

We love efficiency. So you´ll get all the information you need to work successfully with our system. We teach knowledge as short as possible but not shorter. The most important resource we all have is our time. So, we will not waste yours - we promise.

Old and very powerful techniques to hypnotize in seconds even without words.

Instant rapport in seconds on an unconscious level - more efficient than any script in the world.

Special points, touches and passes to deepen the trance state. Reach deeper states with your clients where instant healing and change is possible.

A hypnotic system that can even be used as a stand-alone method.

A no-nonsense strategy that works - Clear descriptions and instructions.

You´ll learn to combine old mesmeristic techniques with modern hypnosis to boost your hypnosis skills and results. Your clients will love you.

Very rare known techniques that give you advantage before the competition.

An easy to learn system to hypnotize more successfully.

You´ll learn what people think "real" hypnosis would be.

You´ll learn how to strengthen your own hypnotic power (including charisma, willpower, etc.)

and much more!

What you will NOT learn in the online master course:

You will not learn how to hypnotize from the beginning. This master course is for people who know the basic concepts of hypnosis.


After completing the course, you have the possibility to take an online examination.

If you pass the examination (and we are sure you´ll pass it), we will send you your personal certificate (PDF) via email, which you can print and proudly display for your clients to see.

Ceritficate Master Course Mesmerism

Customer reviews:
Randy Dellosa:  
"Thank you very much for the Master Course on Mesmerism and Hypnosis.  You explained things very clearly and comprehensively, and because your talk was accompanied by demonstrations, it was easy to follow the techniques and practice them on others.  As a clinical hypnotherapist, everything you taught in the Master Course will be a good addition to what I already know and do in the clinic. I hope many others get to learn from you.  And if you ever decide to produce more advanced Mesmerism classes online, I surely will enrol in them. Warm regards from the Philippines"
Randy Dellosa

Tony Young:  
"Great online course. I´m a certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist and this course was a booster for my work with my clients. You can use the techniques to improve your hypnosis work but also as a new stand-alone method for instant change and healing. I´m really impressed. Thank you Dr. Werner for sharing this knowledge with us. I can highly recommend this course."

Cecilia P.:
"Informative extra knowledge. The remarks of Dr. Michael Werner are highly recommended as further education for hypnotists also and especially when the hypnosis training and examinations at another place were completed. Exciting components, well-thought-out techniques, many thanks! Greetings from Switzerland, Cecilia"

Thomas K.:
"I can recommend the training with Dr. Michael Werner without restriction. He has a broad and well-founded knowledge and understands on how to communicate this humorously and sustainably. Here is hypnosis to the point. I have profoundly profited from the professional training. Thank you!"

R. Zeller:
"At the beginning I thought: "I don´t really think that it will work for me that way". But at the end, you suspect that this course can change your life and these of others. It has changed my view on hypnosis and life in general. I´m impressed and very happy to have absolved this course. You have touched my life in a very enriching way. Thank you for everything."

Dr. Werner is also a speaker at Hypnothoughts Live 2017, 2018 and 2022 in Las Vegas, NV! Click here for more information!

(Proclamation: Some of these reviews have been written by beta testers who got the course for free to give us feedback and some feedbacks have been shortened or translated from other languages.)

Content of the MASTER COURSE:

Complete PDF-Manual

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Basics and definitions of Mesmerism, Magnetism and Fascination

Video 3: How to build instant rapport within seconds

Video 4: Preset and the power of gaze (Fascination)

Video 5: Nonverbal and mesmeristic inductions
- Energetic inductions, mesmeristic passes, nonverbal deep trance inductions,...

Video 6: Deep trance (mesmeric or healing crisis) and the self healing state
- The hypnotic/hypnogenic points, the self healing state, mesmeric crisis, group work,...

Video 7: How to increase your personal hypnotic power

Video 8: Combination of old methods with modern ones
- Instant regression, content free therapy, ...
- Mesmerism and Hypnosis in combination


Do you want instant access?

You’ll get instant access to the Mesmerism - Online Master Course

Including all the videos as digital downloads

Including the full scripts with all the techniques (PDF)

You´ll get a no-nonsense system that works.

Start now and improve your results!

Mastercourse Mesmerism and Hypnosis

The investment for this training is $̶9̶̶9̶̶7̶̶.̶̶0̶̶0̶. $̶6̶̶9̶̶7̶̶.̶̶0̶̶0̶.

Price today just $147

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