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A barely known but extremely powerful form of hypnosis

What is HFT - Hypnotic field therapy?

After nearly 15 years of hypnosis research all over the world, Dr. Michael Werner and his team found several hypnosis techniques, that work extremely well but are rarely known.

This is how it started: Dr. Werner experienced people speaking in foreign languages in past life regressions and wanted to explore where the foreign language skills came from.

The next question was: Why do some people believe that they were the same historical personalities (like Napoleon, Cleopatra, ...) during regressions in past lives.

That´s why the idea was born that the information or language does not come from the client, but from an information field.

And then something weird happened: Dr. Werner met a quantum physicist who is also a nuclear physician and they talked a lot about this theory. The physicist confirmed that everything is about energy and information, and please remember, he is also a nuclear physician who works in a hospital.

Therefore Dr. Werner continued his research and found out that already the biologist Rupert Sheldrake has done extensive research on morphological and morphogenetic fields - but only on animals.

Dr. Werner started his own experiments with humans and he will show you a new dimension of hypnosis. You will learn to connect your clients with their children, pets and much more and you will have a lot of success using these information fields.

Hypnotic field therapy is a little known field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and will be a "supercharger" for your hypnosis work.

Michael WERNER - Hypnosis Trainer
Your teacher: Dr. Michael Werner - Leader of the Hypno-Training Institute

Dr. phil. in psychology, certified hypnotist and hypnosis trainer, hypnosis researcher

Founder of one of the leading hypnosis schools in Austria/ Europe

Presenter at Hypnothoughts Live 2017, 2018 and 2022 in Las Vegas, NV.

Why you should learn HFT - Hypnotic field therapy?

You will ...

have the chance to help people better than most other hypnotists

get better and faster results

get the chance to use unkwown knowledge

learn to unlock the inner genius of you and your clients

learn about healing and change on an unexpected level

have more success = more clients = more profit

What you will learn in the HFT online master class:

We love efficiency. So you´ll get all the information you need to work successfully with our system. We teach knowledge as short as possible but not shorter. The most important resource we all have is our time. So, we will not waste yours - we promise.

The use of hypnotic or thought fields to work with issues, your competitors can only dream of.

A hypnotic system that can even be used as a stand-alone method but also in combination with other techniques.

A system to help parents with their children and pet owners with their animals.

A new and rare known field of hypnosis with great opportunities.

 It will change your life and your work!

and much more!

What you will NOT learn in the online master course:

You will not learn how to hypnotize from the beginning. This master class is for people who know the basic concepts of hypnosis.


Upon completion of the course, you will confirm that you have completed the course and we will send you your certificate (PDF).

Customer reviews:
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Dr. Werner is also a presenter at Hypnothoughts Live 2017, 2018 and 2022 in Las Vegas, NV! Click here for more information!

(Proclamation: Some of these reviews are shortened or translated from other languages. However, we guarantee that they are from real customers.)


Contents of the MASTER CLASS:


Video lesson 1: General information about this course
Video lesson 2: HFT - Introduction - How it started
Video lesson 3: What is HFT - Hypnotic Field Therapy?
Video lesson 4: What you can use HFT for

Video lesson 5: Applications for HFT

Video lesson 6: How to use HFT - Dangers of HFT
Video lesson 7: HFT - secrets
Video lesson 8: HFT in detail - The single steps
Video lesson 9: Real session with client (german with english subtitles) - Conclusion

(about 2.5 hours of video)

Do you want instant access?

You’ll get instant access to the HFT - Online Master Class

Including all the videos as digital downloads
Including the presentation (PDF)
Including a complete HFT-session-video (german with english subtitles)

You´ll get a no-nonsense system that works.

Start now and improve your results!

The investment for this training is $̶9̶̶9̶̶7̶̶.̶̶0̶̶0̶. $̶6̶̶9̶̶7̶̶.̶̶0̶̶0̶.

Price today just $247

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